January 25, 2011

January 22, 2011

This is our friend Drew, again.  I know I posted a photo of him for Jan. 21st, but I had to post another.  Not only is Drew an amazing illusionist, he is passionate about making God famous and that's what makes him stand out from the rest...

January 21, 2011

This weekend we attended the Ignite Student Conference.  This is our friend Drew.  He's an illusionist.  He's an awesome illusionist!  I love the look of disbelief on this girl's face when Drew reveals her card!

January 11, 2011

On December 29th we, as a family, attended a reunion with some friends.  Caed brought his Nintendo DS so he'd have something to occupy himself with while Rowdy and I chatted with friends.  At some point during the night, Baylor got angry at Caed and threw the stylus to his Nintendo DS in the gigantic Christmas tree in the foyer of the chapel.  The first photo you see is Caed and our friend, Chris Newby under the tree looking to see of the stylus had fallen to the floor.  They couldn't find it so our friend, Mandy Meeker, wrote a note and stuffed it into the tree.  We really didn't think they would even find the note, much less the stylus.  To our amazement, low and behold, on January 11th it shows up at the address listed on the note stuffed in the tree!! 

January 3, 2011

Brock was pretty sick over the holidays.  He had to take breathing treatments to help get better!  He's a pro at holding that mask over his face, the only downside... "I can't hear the TV!"


Welcome to the Rodgers Family Photo a Day!  Even though I'm a photographer, it's hard to remember to capture the everyday.  I may not be consistent, but I'll attempt to post a photo for each day!  Most will be taken with my phone, since it's the most handy.  I'll add in a few photos taken at events and photo shoots!  Enjoy!